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Read Ser feliz contigo mismo PDF. In Spanish with English subtitles 1 hour 45 minutes. Three stories focus respectively on relationships between youthful, middle age, and elderly characters, in order to portray various perspectives of love. Some of the protagonists achieve an ultimate satisfaction, but the film also shows the harsher realities of love.

Special Features include alternate endings, making of, and a picture gallery. In Spanish with the option of English or Spanish subtitles 2 hours 5 minutes. Sick of her job in rural Colombia, Maria takes the offer to bring drugs into the United States. Acting as a drug mule, Maria must cross the border with pounds of drugs in her system.

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When things start to go wrong for Maria, the movie takes a turn as she tries to survive in the United States. In Spanish with the option of English, Spanish, or French subtitles 1 hour 41 minutes. In Spanish with optional English subtitles 1 hour 55 minutes. After his grandmother dies unexpectedly, in shock and saddened by his separation from his mother, Carlitos decides to embark on his own journey to the United States.

After finding a couple willing to smuggle him into the States, complications arise and he ends up alone trying to make it across to L. On his journey he meets a number of characters, including Enrique Eugenio Derbez who, in addition to saving his life on numerous occasions, helps him locate his father.

El Rol de Uribe Vélez en el magnicidio de J.E. Gaitán

In the end, Carlitos and his mother are finally reunited after years of separation, but not without some sacrifices. In Spanish with optional English subtitles 1 hour 46 minutes. As she tries in vain to contact him throughout the course of the day to settle some of their affairs, she sees she is not the only woman dealing with a crisis at the moment. After he complies with this demand, he slowly begins to uncover a terrifying conspiracy in which all the events seem to implicate him.

With events spinning out of control and the authorities after him, Simon must discover and defeat his true adversary before time runs out. When the boys finally wrangle the courage to complete the spell, they come to understand the true advantages of being seen. Spanish commercials with English subtitles also included. In Spanish with on-screen English subtitles 1 hour 31 minutes. As they travel from Guatemala to the U. Once across the border they face more hardships in America: language and culture barriers, racism, poverty, and unemployment.

In Spanish with on-screen English subtitles 2 hours 19 minutes. Out here, there are two groups of interest: a team of astronomers and a band of women. The Atacama Desert offers the most fascinating view of the skies for the astronomers as they observe the stars. For the women, the Atacama Desert is a place to reminisce.

Scattered within the dry lands are the bodies of their ancestors and families.

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In Spanish with on-screen English subtitles 1 hour 30 minutes. In Spanish with option of English or French subtitles 1 hour 55 minutes. After completing the conversion of the faithful Aztec, in the end Friar Diego learned that there was never a need for conversion. In Spanish and Nahuatl with optional English subtitles 1 hour 45 minutes. Lombardi Based on the book by Mario Vargas Llosa. Special features include scene selection and extra movie Vidas Privadas. In Spanish with optional English subtitles 1 hour 59 minutes. Two audio tracks available: Spanish with optional English subtitles or dubbed English 1 hour 50 minutes.

Trying to make a blockbuster movie about the real-life story of an obscure historical figure who proclaimed himself the King of Patagonia, an ambitious young film director struggles with the reality of creating a film with limited resources, including an amateur cast — most with no acting experience — no money, and an imposing and desolate landscape. In Spanish with optional English subtitles 1 hour 37 minutes.

He hatches a plan to have his two sons wash ashore as Cuban immigrants off the coast of Florida so that they can be adopted and raised by a rich family. Carnicero dies with family secrets still to be uncovered. The complicated will left behind makes no sense to his money-crazed sons. To do so, and despite their dislike for each other, the two embark on a hilarious and unpredictable road trip to Acapulco. In the course of the trip, they learn about each other and about family secrets that will forever change their lives.

In Spanish with the option of English or Spanish subtitles 1 hour 36 minutes. While travelling by bus, the adventurous Esperanza Tania Martinez , who has come all the way from Barcelona to see Ecuador, one day meets Tristeza Cecilia Vallejo , a pessimistic university student who has decided to set out for Cuenca in hopes of stopping her on-and-off boyfriend from marrying his long-time girlfriend.

During the bus ride, a national strike breaks out, causing all roads to be blocked and impeding the two women from getting to Cuenca — that is, until they decide to hitchhike.

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During their travels, they meet some interesting people who make them reevaluate themselves and their motives. Segments in Spanish with English subtitles 38 minutes. In Spanish, English and French with optional English and French subtitles Each film approximately 20 minutes 2 hours 2 minutes total time.

Blanco With accompanying book In Spanish with optional Spanish or English subtitles 1 hour 42 minutes. His grandfather drives him to a place that resembles Mars. Sometime later he meets her again, but things have changed.