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Julia hurls the Rhinemann Ultra with no effect revealing that their foe is Quentin They go to the Neitherlands where the planet is also breaking apart just like in timeline Josh is wigging out because how the hell did Quentin become The Beast? Their next plan of action is to find Ms.

Quinn 23 who ends up being onboard the Muntjac. Alice 23 tells the group how she made a deal with a Fillorian creature in the northern marsh to bring her Q back and in exchange her soul would be his when she died. But things went horribly wrong because with his shade gone, Q 23 had no humanity in him. He ended up killing Martin Chatwin to take Fillory for himself.

As a result the old gods took magic away in this timeline. He was afraid of magic and any magician that would bring it back and oppose him. Apparently though only Martin 23 had been the only other one to appreciate Fillory like he did. They all travel to Whitespire where the castle looks like it should be featured in an episode of Hoarders. The current Beast was collecting artifacts from all over Fillory including a fairy outfit which makes me wonder if Q 23 was able to enter the fairy realm in this timeline. Looks like Julia and Penny 23 were supposed to teleport into the throne room but wards are up so that way is blocked.

Alice 23 then volunteers to go in since The Beast already smells her. But as he knows this is all a ploy to by her friends time, he goes ahead and slashes her to get things moving along. Julia then appears behind him and instead of attacking, she transfers her shade over to him. Julia asks him where he got the key and he explains that he had heard it could bring magic back and so he just got it. Q 23 states that the vision showed her opening a lock at the end of the world trying to let magic in but a monster gets through instead one even worse than him.

Always From The Heart

He tells her to take her shade back then he stabs himself with the Leo Blade and dies. But what about Kady?!?!?! Josh finally gets the vision key to create a portal and Marina 23 also runs in.

I am not complaining because the world needs a Marina. I do wonder for confusion purposes how attached Penny 23 is to his nickname. It happens a lot more easily than you might expect, and you come to realise that most people are much more interested in the nature of life than they ever let on.

One of the great advantages of this exploration is that you gradually discover your true purpose for being alive and it brings coherence into the core of your life. This gives you inner peace and allows you to drop all your defences and pretenses. You no longer push yourself to be somewhere else and you can allow yourself to learn, to fail along the way and to make as many mistakes as you need to. You take your time for life and gradually let go of the struggle and suffering that comes from pretending to be someone else. All this comes from spiritual exploration. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

I had to go out and get the same microphone configuration that we were using in Los Angeles so that I could make the changes when he would change a chord. We also used David Ragsdale on this album and that added the Kansas flavor to it as well. David played on four tracks on the album.

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Mike and I both have a background of progressive music. I am a progressive guy at heart, and we kind of let it shine more on this record. Our basic market for the first two records was more the melodic rock people in Europe and Scandinavia, as that type of music is still really popular there. The US has not kept up with this type of music. At this point of our career we just wanted to make the record that we wanted to make, and this is what came out of us. I do most of the lyrics and Mike, for the most part, does most of the music. We then collaborate on the middle sections and things.

I will bring in a lyric and Mike will refine it and tell me where I need to change things to make the melodies work. The way we write is that we come up with the musical idea, and then we come up with a melody. I will get into the studio and start singing into the microphone just scatting and all of the sudden a phrase will pop out of my head. Sometimes, that actually leads me to write a lyric around that phrase.

It is pretty weird how it happens. Some lyrics seem to write themselves. Other times, you have to scrape your gums and pull your teeth to get them to come out. Jeb: In that artistic endeavor you described, you ended up writing some meaningful lyrics. I just described everything I was going through, but at the same time I like to leave things open to interpretation.

Seventh Key

Even though it was describing what I was going through, I feel it still has to come from an imaginary place, because at this point in my career, I am pretty settled and pretty happy. We all have rough times in our lives as we are people, too.

We have issues with our parents and our kids and we have rough patches of life like everyone else. I think that is what makes life what it is. It is not a straight line, it is hills and valleys. It can mean something to someone else and help them. Someone else can hear a different interpretation and it means something to them.

Seventh Key - Seventh Key (remaster)

I think song lyrics should be like that. I think people should hear them and be able to attach themselves to the song and attach a personal meaning to them and that is very important to me. Then again, there are some songs that are just ridiculously, blatantly schmaltzy and silly. Billy: That song is the closest one when it comes to the reality of both Mike and my real lives. My 25 th anniversary is coming up with my wife Kathy and he has been married to Sue for probably 40 years, almost. We are paying tribute to our wives for hanging in there with us and going through all the highs and lows of being married to a rock and roll player and all of the crap you have to go through to have a career in music.

It is our ode to our wives. After all of these years and all of the crap, they are still here with us. Jeb: You are a very strong vocalist. In fact, you sound like Steve Walsh and perhaps you have the best singing voice in Kansas.

SEVENTH KEY : You Cross The Line lyrics

Billy: I appreciate that. I will say this: My reason and impetuous of forming Seventh Key in the first place was that I had lived in the shadow of Steve Walsh for many years. We just re-released the two Streets records. Rock Candy just put them out and premastered the two Streets CDs.

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Steve was always the lead vocalist in Streets. Out of frustration, I started Seventh Key. I did have a song that I wrote on the album Power, but I was pretty much told when I joined by Phil Ehart that I needed to run all stuff by Steve, and that kind of shut me down when it came to trying to write for Kansas. I needed my own outlet, and that is where Seventh Key came in. This is my outlet to showcase me as a lead singer and a songwriter. Billy: If you listened to some of the early rough ideas then you would not recognize them.