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The second, Emmy-winning season is particularly masterful, as Ansari and his collaborators took the creative cache from year one and created something truly original and unforgettable. The first season saw the creation of the Behavioral Science Unit and interviews with real serial killers based on actual conversations. Since then, the most popular sketches in Python history have been played and replayed literally hundreds of times, influencing comedy forever with their wit, playfulness, and unique voice.

It was still popular enough to produce episodes, and this is some of the best sitcom comfort food you can find on Netflix. Zooey Deschanel is great, but this show really became better when it developed into a true ensemble piece, including great supporting work by Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris, Hannah Simone, and, especially, Jake Johnson. The Office Both the U.

The British one that made Ricky Gervais a star is a masterful study of extremely awkward behavior whereas the U. It can sometimes slide into sitcomish writing, but the cast and crew find a way to make even the broadest jokes and plot twists resonate. The pitch is simple — reimagine the hit family sitcom with a Hispanic cast — but what makes this show so lovable is the cast and writing, which stays true to its character and the modern era while also feeling like a throwback to sitcoms we loved as kids.

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The latter is coming to a close with its seventh season this summer. See what all the buzz was about way back in and watch the entire run. If it works somewhere else, expect an iteration of it here. Jason Bateman and Laura Linney star in a show about a family that jumps from the frying pan into the fire when they get caught up in the criminal underworld in the Ozarks. We still miss it. Most of the family offerings on Netflix are pretty generic even if the Captain Underpants show has its moments , so why not go back to an absolute classic?

Planet Earth We should have some educational content on here too outside of Ken Burns, and this is one of the best documentaries ever made for television. It will seriously make you look at our planet in a new way, marveling at how much of it is truly beautiful. Sketch comedy that often skewered the hipster culture of the northwestern United States, Portlandia is smart comedy with its own defiant, uncopiable voice. Rectify Probably the least-hyped and least-seen show on this list, this Sundance TV drama aired for four seasons. The Returned French TV! Also known as Les Revenants , this is one of the best genre TV shows of the decade in any language.

Based on a French film, this show has an irresistible hook — people who died years earlier suddenly return to the small French mountain town in which they lived. Why are they back? What does it mean? Riverdale Yes, that Riverdale. Sometimes you just want to escape, and nothing right now provides the same wonderfully scripted escapism as this very modern update of Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead. Russian Doll The first major hit of for Netflix already deserves placement on this list.

Drew Barrymore stars as a California Realtor who, well, dies.

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She wakes up, though, and finds out that she has a craving for human flesh. Timothy Olyphant nearly steals the show as her put-upon-but-supportive husband. Somebody better pick this show up while Barrymore and Olyphant still have room in their schedules to do it. Created by Daniel Levy and his father, Eugene Levy, it tells the story of a rich family forced to relocate to a small town after losing their fortune.

Both Levys are hysterical, and the show really became something special when it started sketching in the eccentric characters who make up the small town that gives it a title. Scream File this under Guilty Pleasures.

There have been rumors of a rebooted third season in some state of production, but just bask in the silliness of beautiful people being killed in creative ways for the 24 episodes we have to date. Or any streaming service for that matter. One of the best TV actresses of the modern era plays the mother of a boy who is murdered in a hit-and-run by a Jersey City police officer.

The BBC hit that made Benedict Cumberbatch a star and redefined the legend of Sherlock Holmes is just sitting there on Netflix waiting to occupy your weekend. More like a series of films each time they release a new installment than a traditional American TV season, this is smart mystery television with two magnetic performances from Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. You may notice a lot of Brit TV on this list — they do it well. Four series available. She stars as an ordinary mother who snaps during a beach outing and stabs a man to death in front of dozens of people.

A second season has aired with Carrie Coon! This could be your new obsession. Skins One of the most critically acclaimed British imports of the Peak TV era, this coming-of-age dramedy is notable for its fearlessness, often tackling issues that other shows avoid like the plague. However, you should know that Nicholas Hoult of Fury Road basically started his path to stardom with the first generation, as did Oscar nominee Dev Patel. The Staircase So much of the modern obsession with true-crime docu-series owes a great debt to this French examination of the death of Kathleen Peterson, such a hit that it was actually resurrected and expanded for the Netflix edition last year.

In December , Kathleen Peterson fell down a set of stairs and died.

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Why not watch em all and pick your favorite? Stranger Things The cult phenomenon that is Stranger Things has kind of diminished its critical appraisal. This is how a genre show should be paced. Supernatural has vacillated wildly in quality over its plus episodes, but there are some true gems in here, especially for fans of urban legends and things that go bump in the night.

The Twilight Zone One of the best shows of all time is about to be rebooted again, this time by the one and only Jordan Peele. This is the kind of TV that will never truly grow old, visions that tap into our greatest fears, anxieties, and needs. While the third season feels a little stale, the first two were amazing.

Gillian Anderson does a great job of creating yet another iconic detective that, if this show takes off after first season and it should , will maybe help us all not think of her as Agent Dana Scully 4ever.

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  8. Set in Northern Ireland, it follows her as Stella Gibson, trying to track down a murderer and stalker of women before time runs out. The interesting turn here is that we meet the killer as soon as we meet Stella, and while his identity never being in question at least to the viewer could have been a downfall of the show, the cat-and-mouse dynamic that emerges from it is palpably nail-biting.

    Fast talking, hilarious and very non-nonsense, she is one of those characters you wish existed on every show.

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    The six episode arc of Final Season 4 was produced exclusively for Netflix. Feel like no crime could surprise you these days? The dynamic between the two seemingly mismatched leads is amazing too. The Night Of: John Turturro should win one of those Academy Awards for people who did something good enough to win an Oscar but not in a category that qualifies them for one. Goliath: Billy Bob Thornton won a Globe for his role in this and it is well deserved.

    A classic little guy vs. Lanester: Imagine a French Wallander. Imagine him being blind on-and-off. Imagine a spunky taxi cab driving side-kick. Current season now on PBS. Brilliant, beautiful, and with a genuinely evil glint in her eye, her sparring with Luther walks the thin line between danger and flirtation, as something reminiscent of a friendship emerges.

    You have to see it to believe it. And then probably re-see it.

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    River is about interpersonal relations and declining mental health as much as it is about the cases at hand, and Morgan has an ear for dialogue and truly stands by our unreliable narrator in a way that feels very real and therefore more gutwrenching. Only six episodes, so savor it. But the first episode of season 1 takes you by the jugular within the first five minutes and does not let go. In fact, I am still shuddering just thinking about it.

    The Best Limited Series of the 21st Century, Ranked

    The shocks subside as episodes pass, but a very solid offering throughout. But as the first season of this gem moves along, Reese Shearsmith and Alex Kingston add a depth to the relationship between a borderline-Aspberger afflicted detective who still somehow understands the mind of a killer better than anyone and his psychiatrist aide who is also a woman, and a mother, making her almost TOO empathetic. GEORGE GENTLY -In the s, an old-school detective is paired with a potentially shady new partner and has to come to terms with the fact that the lines between the police and the criminals have tentatively been blurred.

    The novels were terrific and it only seemed natural that a mini-series series was in order. Jason Isaacs is great as Brodie, and while the plot lines never really reach the literary heights Atkinson set us up for, it is still a noble contribution to the genre. Read the books though.

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    The third and final season is available now. Over 33 episodes, he solves some seriously grisly crimes in Oxford, a city he once denounced after university, and for whose academic residents he harbors a healthy mix of complete disdain and occasional reverence. Since Morse is pretty hard to handle by himself, the viewer was handed the smart but affable Inspector Lewis as his sidekick, who later got a show of his own which I personally prefer to Morse and a young, intellectual, tortured partner all his own.

    Tony Hill a psychologist who finds himself entangled in some seriously gruesome crimes and even more gruesome people behind them. There are six seasons and the first episode of season 1 perfectly sets the tone for just how unsavory these crimes are going to be. The fact that Dr. Branagh has a certain kind of water colored torture permanently imprinted on his face that makes him perfect for the recently divorced, very sad, yet emotionally disconnected detective he plays.