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Your front knee is bent. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds. Do: Keep both heels flat on the floor. Point the toes of your back foot toward the heel of your front foot. Calf muscle stretch.

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You should feel this stretch in your calf and down toward your heel. Sit up tall with both legs extended straight in front of you.

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  • Your feet are neutral — not pointed or flexed. Place your palms on the floor and slide your hands toward your ankles. Hold for 30 seconds. Do: Keep your chest open and back long.

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    Reach from your hips. Stop sliding your palms forward when you feel the stretch. Do not: Round your back or try to bring your nose to your knees. Do not lock your knees. Hamstring muscle stretch. You should feel this stretch at the back of your thighs and behind your knees. Hold on to a wall or the back of a chair for balance.

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    Lift one foot and bring your heel up toward your buttocks. Grasp your ankle with your hand and pull your heel closer to your body. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Do: Keep your knees close together. I have used Hyland leg cramp cream when I get the attacks in the past and I love the product. I decided to try the tables for prevention and see if I could sleep through the night. I am a nurse and walk a lot of miles and lift and move patients.

    At night after especially grueling shift I will wake up at night with spasms and cramps. I have tried this for a few weeks. Normally I would have had 5 or more sleepless nights due to cramps. So far so good.

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    • I am sold. I do not wake up feeling weird.

      I feel rested and ready to go. I do not take it every night before bed. Just when I have had an unusually difficult shift.

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      Only 20 left in stock - order soon. Went to my physician as I was having leg and foot cramping at night that would wake me up from my sleep. The cramps were very painful and hard to get rid of. My doctor told me in the "olden days" doctors would prescribe "quinine" to patients to ease leg cramps. However, because quinine was abused so badly it was taken off the market. I asked the pharmacist if they knew of anything over the counter. They showed me this product and said they had some customers who had used it with great success. So, both my husband and I tried it and it works wonders!

      Herbal Home Remedies : How to Relieve Leg Cramps With Herbs

      No more leg or foot cramping at night. Put two under my tongue before I go to sleep each night. Hyland's, Leg Cramps, Tablets. Snyder Northridge, California. First, understand that I am a sixty year old man with a PhD and not prone to trying the latest trend in OTC cures nor the latest herbal wonder cure.

      Leg Cramps Relief

      I am a diabetic and suffer sever cramps what we always called charley horses in my calves and feet--most often waking me up in agony from a deep sleep. Thankfully as it turns out my wife is not so rigid and had tried these and repeatedly sung their praise. So the next time I had a terrible foot cramp, and rather than saw off my foot, I did as she said and put two of these tiny pills under my tongue to instantly dissolve. Literally in under two minutes the cramp was gone.

      Our organic apple cider vinegar is the best available - Organic, non-GMO and unfiltered.

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      Unfiltered apple cider vinegar is more effective because includes the small particles called 'Mother' - small particles that form in the natural fermentation process. Most 'store-bought' vinegars are filtered or pasteurized and do not contain Mother. Simply shake the bottle before serving and enjoy the maximum benefits of this natural solution!

      We guarantee that this will stop leg and other muscle cramps.