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Presentation of Florence or Eynyng Mahon, bachelor of theology ; to the perpetual vicarage of Mothiii alias Mohill, diocese Waterford and Lismoro, vacant by the death of Edmund Butteler. License to John Parker, constable of the Castle of Dub- lin ; to alienate the possessions of the abbey of Shelsker, county Wexford, as in No. Pardon to Peter Lynee, of Itnocke, county Meath, gent. Pardon to Thomas Plimkut, of Ardmaghe brege, gent.

Livery to Edmund, son and heir of Gooffry Moclere, of Moelerestou. Lease to Jacket Breorton, widow ; of the Tinjiith. Patrick, by Dublin. Grant to Nicholas Taffo, of Bryinor, gent. To hold during pleasure, with the usual foos. Pardon to William Thaokewell, of the county Dublin, yeoman. Pardon to Onorina iny Lonegan, late of Kilkenny, single- woman. Pardon to Thomas Stackopoole, gent.

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Pardon to Henry Lallan, of Slado, county Wexford, gent.. Piers Kntcne, of jlolobege, same county, horseman, and Philip Laghano, of Mlade, marinur; especially for the death of Owen Askewe, lata of Clranyu, soldier, by the said Henry. Pardon to Richard Butler, of Belaragatt, county Kil- kenny, kut. Pardon to Brian.

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Tolm Alan, of Alenseorto by the Newebridge county Kildare, lent. Fassaghru, same county, gent 1G March, iv. Pardon to Nicholas Motyug, ehaucollor of dm cathedral of S. Kanouious of Kilkenny; Leonard Blanolifold, of Dounmore, same county, hoi-soman ; Peter llyntou, of Gruigrnwe, samocountv, gent. Kyllmokoar, same couuty, horseman, aud Mannis Hmytisnn alias M. Pardon to Maurioo Htophou alias buccuglm, of Melly- fout, county Urioll, yeoman.

Pardon to Francis Goshy, of Kildare, gent. Meath, labourer. XML, p. Pardon to Matthew Kings, of Dnngarvan, gont. Grace, of the same, gent.

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Livery to Janies Pitz Geralde, gent. Confirmation of Cornelius Coyne, clerk, in the rectory of the B. Mary of Ardmulglian, diocese of Meath. Meath, husbandman, and their issue. Pine, 6s. Pino, Gs. Grant to Peter Dolton, gent. Pardon to Edmund Nugent, of Tulehan, gent.

Marked" Enrolled. Livery to Stephen Oasholl, of Dimdalke, gout. Walche, of M.

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VIII, — 27 April, iv. Pardon to John Hobe, of Balwenyston, county Dublin, soldier; especially for the death of Nicholas Hoy, late of Cottrel- lyston, county Dublin, shoemaker. Fine, Fino, 6. Fine, 10s. Kr ants.

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Pardon to Gerald Petite, of Irishton, county Westmeath gent. Pardon general, and of intrusion and alienation, to 1 honifts Lutrell, of. Lutrelliston, knt. Uamlyng, of Smytiston, gent. Livery to Robert, son and heir of Edmund Bretnaglie, late of Iiowelliscastell, esq. Pardon of intrusion and alienation to Richard de St Laurence, esq. Ball ougho, gent. Pardon to Edmund Sox, of Laditown, gent. Also a general pardon to Nicholas XJmfrey.

Hicky Knocky

Kussollstowne, Hu. Idcwnso to Patrick Barnewall, of Grucediew, esq. Domsyston, county Kildare, footmen. Pine, 10s. Monad— The prebend of the Nome is granted to the within James Becane by the voluntary resignation of Christopher Sutton, chaplain. Also pardon of intrusion and alienation to them and Henry Plunket, vicar of Killen, Thomas Baniewall, of Crickiston, gent.

Pardon to Patrick Fitz John, of Tystenrath, gent. Pardon to John Gaidon, of Dublin, merchant. Pardon to George Browne, archbishop of Dublin. License to George, archbishop of Dublin, to alienate with consent of Iris chapter, to Thomas Fitzwilliams, of Bagot- vatho, esq. Kevin, near Dublin, lying between the land of Cullen on -the south, and of 8.

Sepulchre on the north, lately occupied by Henry Barber. To lie bold for ever, at a rent of one grain of corn, during the life of the present archbishop, and of. Also the oilico of lcoopor of the wood of Cullen, upon the surrender of John Batho, with a rent of 20s. To bo bold for over. Column, of Leignalli, diocoso of Meath.

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  6. Presentation of Rory O'Lonom, clerk ; to the vicarage of S. Hugo, of Ratliyu, diocoHO of Meath. Mandate for consecration of Master Thomas Lancastre as bishop of Kildare.

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    Restitution of temporalities to Thomas Lancastre, bishop of Kildare. Presentation of Arthur M'Magunna clerk- to the pre- bend of S. Pardon to James Nugyoite, of Cloyne, county- West- meath, gent. Presentation of John Roche, clerk ; to the parish church of S. Michael, of Balloborloy, with tho chapels of Collocor and Btuliclcwilliam, in tlio diocese of Kildare. Pardon to Nicholas Forde, of Fordeston, gent. See A"b.