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They go on to challenge Harvard in the national championship, and while you can see the ending coming from a mile away, we dare you not to applaud. Washington takes over the Frank Sinatra role as Ben Marco, a Gulf War veteran desperately trying to stop his friend from making a grave mistake. Washington also stars as Dr. Jerome Davenport , the psychiatrist assigned to treat Fisher after a violent outburst against a fellow crewman. Though a little too labyrinthine for its own good, the film is a fitting tribute to the gritty crime thrillers that inspired it.

He plays Nat Serling, a U. Yet this is more than just a well-crafted mystery: despondent after a deadly mistake of his own, Serling plunges headfirst into the case to distract from his problems at home. Washington gives a performance filled with grief and anguish that was unbelievably overlooked by the Academy.

Among his many collaborations with the late Tony Scott , this revenge thriller about a former assassin Washington out to avenge the death of a young girl Dakota Fanning he was sworn to protect is one of the best.

While a bit overlong, the film has several bravura action sequences and affecting performances by Washington, Fanning, and Christopher Walken as an oddball friend. He plays Hunter, a young First Officer aboard a U. Based on a true story, Washington plays Herman Boone, a coach who leads a newly-integrated high school football team to victory in the s. Historically inaccurate.

But a crowd pleaser?

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Yet writer-director Spike Lee turns this into a powerful father-son drama with knockout performances by Washington and real life NBA star Allen. He stars in this Robert Zemeckis drama as an alcoholic pilot who saves almost all of his passengers with a daring landing while on the sauce.

Mixed Reality. Autonomous Transportation. These exponential technologies offer health care systems of today a path to transform into the systems of the future. A new reality built on the platforms and capabilities of today's IoT devices and platform. This session will discuss how health care systems are leveraging exponential IoT technologies in today's setting and their lessons learned. Join us for a talk on the path to tomorrow's IoT technology. What if your machines, silent giants of your factory, come to life?

Have you ever listened to them before?

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Do they have any mystery to share with you? Is it possible to find where my products are on the shop floor? Can I locate them easily and accelerate shipment process? Does this sound a bit weird? Absolutely not. This is possible. All you need to do is to join us for a glimpse into Hugo Boss' factory of the future!

There are several networking wireless technologies that drive and connect smart infrastructure and cities, from transport systems, smart buildings and spaces, energy and security. IoT, including telemetry and control data, adds requirements to existing technologies that were not built with IoT in mind.

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How will the technologies of the future meet this need? In this session we explore several such networking technologies and explore their applicability to various use cases. Boston Consulting Group has mapped out 9 current and emerging use cases for blockchain in supply chain. This session will discuss these use cases, the value at stake, case examples, the challenges to implementation, and how we believe these different industry ecosystems will evolve over time.

Large energy consumers, from manufacturers to municipalities, are tasked with meeting aggressive carbon reduction targets but find this challenging with dated energy and facility infrastructure. How are these institutions pairing the use of advanced technologies and high efficiency systems with innovative financing mechanisms to achieve their goals? How did they invest in upgrades when there wasn't a generous budget line item in place? In this session, hear directly from large energy consumers on how they have implemented energy efficiency programs.

What were the critical first steps? How did they get the required executive support? What was the timeline for the projects and how did they secure funding? What were the lessons learned and notable best practices? What were the results of these energy efficiency projects, and how have they impacted their planning for tomorrow? Digital twin has been touted as one of the top strategic trends in Industrial IoT. By having a living virtual model of physical assets, digital twin can be used to predict behaviors of the assets, prescribe actions, and design future versions.

To achieve its potential, digital twin needs to incorporate many aspects of the assets: from design, manufacturing, sales, operation, to maintenance. Come and hear our expert panelists discuss how to get started with digital twin, its adoption path with benefits and challenges along the way, and what to expect in the next five years. Within the coming years, every in-patient of the Radboud University Medical Center will stay in a hospital room that is personalized based on preferences, characteristics and continuously measured needs of the individual.

Using IoT technology, the single patient hospital room is optimally designed for giving a human centered experience. This session explores R4Heal, the first global initiative offering hospitalized patients a smart healing environment. See how visuals, sounds, games and smells allow for personalizing postoperative care and meeting individual needs and get insights into the development and adoption of this new set of technologies in the hospital.

Vehicle fleet operators are now commencing a move towards zero emission electric vehicles. However, this creates substantial challenges for electricity networks to provide the necessary supply capacity. This can result in potentially high costs and delays to the operators' zero emission roll-out. This session will explore Optimise Prime, a 33m project to address the challenges for fleet operators and electricity networks, arising from the electrification of vehicle fleets.

Learn how a leading hospital in Spain, Hospital Vall d'Heborn, is monitoring the stress of caregivers 60 participants of children with neurological disorders by using physiological sensors to track physical activity, sleep patterns, movement and location. Discover how they have used the sensor data collected to help detect chronic stress and put resources towards managing it. Discover the economic impact of this program, and how they have reduced the cost of visits, provided better knowledge and clinical decisions for the healthcare community and most importantly, improved the quality of life of caregivers and patients.

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This session will explore insights from our latest industry pulse report, highlighting three different case studies connected by one crucial factor: the central role of people in the success and scaling of IoT transformation. An automotive OEM launched a 5-year rollout of an enterprise software solution intended to streamline productivity across the company. An international multichannel distribution company needed to develop, validate and realize a best-in-class mobile solution to support its technicians.

A major food packaging company made a significant investment in its equipment, including state-of-the-art automation. But anticipated results remained elusive.

What was missing? An IoT transformation plan that included people.

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This reliance on digital data creates a new point of failure and a source of digital threats that need to be addressed. Failing to address these treats will not only prevent organizations from reaching the full potential of a digital transformation but can also result in catastrophic consequences. In this talk, we will discuss the digitization of manufacturing, the digital threat s , and how organizations could leverage blockchain to reduce the digital threats.

This combines the stability of DT with the flexibility to ensure best IoT solutions for each customer to maximize customer value. IoT transformation can help improve and optimize business performance. However, in order to succeed, IoT transformation cannot be technology-driven. Rami Avidan will share his insights on how and why all IoT initiative should start with a sound strategy. Navigating IoT successfully requires a clear view about the destination. Without it, it is easy to get lost.

Because IoT is a very complex and dynamic market with many different and changing vendors that promise anything and everything. Integrating it all alone is an illusion.

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Together with an ecosystem, IoT success is within reach. AI is enabling the digital transformation reach its anticipated potential. This transformative field has impact on areas that range from technology to trustworthiness to Ethics to societal concerns to governance to verticals. Similarly, the stakeholders are numerous and diverse ranging from technologists to practitioners to social scientist and regulators.

  • Chasing Freedom:Remembering the Sixties;
  • Works of Opie Read;
  • Les Apeurés (Fiction) (French Edition).

In reaction to this revolution, the industry and standardization ecosystem have mobilized to the variety of concerns. This session will look at the activities and landscape from an industry and standardization perspective.

SC 42 Artificial Intelligence is the international standards committee that carries out standardization activities for artificial intelligence.