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Those stories are not a book. A book has a beginning, middle, and an end that keeps the reader invested for the five, six, ten hours it can take to read a book, because if it gets boring in the middle, most people stop reading. A book, when published by a traditional publisher to be sold in stores, has a defined market, a reader in mind, and that reader is one who usually buys books, not just some hypothetical person the publisher hopes to catch off the street.

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But writing a book that people will pay money for or take a trip to the library to read, requires an awareness few storytellers have. It is not performance, not a one-person show.

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Remember writing papers in school? Remember trying to eke out 1, words or three pages or whatever seemingly arbitrary number a teacher set? Remember making the font bigger and the margins wider?

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The average novel, for adults or children, is at least 50, words. Writing — just getting the words on the page — is hard, period. Writing is an art form, books are art, but they exist in a system that relies on readers to exchange money for goods. Publishers certainly publish books they know are not going to make a lot or any money, and they do this for the sake of art or history or prestige, or a dozen other reasons.

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No one deserves to be published just because they completed a book. On the other side of that lie, many people are ready to go along with it. Instead of wanting to earn a reputation through their actual accomplishments, they see a book as a shortcut for getting there. The YouTuber thinks, well, if they are just giving these deals away, who am I to say no?

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My company also has assembled an impressive track record developing, co-writing, and marketing major books that have earned large advances and sold well. The success the internet marketers or commission-seeking agents tell people is right there for the picking is actually quite rare, and requires much more work than it appears. There is the line from J. A lot of people want to be professional athletes. That they think it will make them rich or that it seems cool on TV is not remotely enough motivation to get them through to the finish line nor is it what sports are about.

You have to do it. You might be able to pay someone to do it with you, to give advice, but nobody farms out a masterpiece.

Would you expect good treatment from a doctor who bought their degree online? Would you expect to sell out your inventory to followers you bought on Twitter? Do you think that you can pay someone to create a business for you? You would never approach any other project the way many of these would-be authors have been encouraged to view books.

What would you tell me if I said every author should start a company—that it would be good for their brands?

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  8. I tell people not write books because books matter and we should despair at a world filled with thousands of self-indulgent, posturing books that are nothing more than advertising and an ineffective means to an unrealistic end. Something to think about: If you can buy a book in a box, so can everyone else. Movie Lectionaries Prayer Books Theology of the Body Bible on CD Rosary on CD Spoken Word Audio Books Coloring Books Kids' Subjects Sale Items Pauline Books and Media is the publishing house of the Daughters of St.

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    We are all about helping you discover hope in your life. That's because we believe that Christ, our ultimate hope, is the Light revealing to each person the mystery and meaning of their life. There are a lot of publishers and book stores that do what we do. What makes us different is our why and our for whom. We spend each day deepening the skills that help us communicate Christ through the language of the media. Contact us by chat or give us a call: