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It is not from failing to take count of what others have thought that we have yielded to asserting that the earth is motionless, and holding the contrary to be a mere mathematical caprice, but if for nothing else for those reasons that are supplied by piety, religion, the knowledge of Divine Omnipotence, and a consciousness of the limitations of the human mind I have thought it most appropriate to explain these concepts in the form of dialogues, which, no!

Many years ago I was often to be found in the marvelous city of Venice, in discussions with Signore Giovanni Francesco Sagredo, a man of noble extraction and trenchant wit. Prom Florence came Signore Filippo Salviati, the least of whose glories were the eminence of his blbod and the magnfficence of his fortune.

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His was a sublime intellect which fed no more hungrily upon any pleasure than it did upon fine meditations. I often talked with these two of such matters in the presence of a certain Peripatetic philosopher whose greatest obstacle in apprehending the truth seemed to be the reputation he had acquired by his interpretations of Aristotle. Now, since bitter death has deprived Venice and Florence of those two great luminaries in the very meridian of their years, I have resolved to make their fame live on in these pages, so far as my poor abilities will permit, by introducing them as interlocutors in the present argument.

Nor shall the good Peripatetic lack a place; because of his excessive affection toward the Commentaries of Simplicius, note 3 I have thought fit to leave him under the name of the author he so much revered, without mentioning his own May it please those two great souls, ever venerable to my heart, to accept this public monument of my undying love. And may the memory of their eloquence assist me in delivering to posterity the promised reflections.

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It happened that several discussions had taken place casually at various times among these gentlemen, and had rather whetted than satisfied their thirst for learning. Hence very wisely they resolved to meet together on certain days during which, setting aside all other business, they might apply themselves more methodically to the contemplation ofthe wonders of God in the heavens and upon the earth.

They met in the palace of the illustrious Sagredo; and, after the customary but brief exchange of compliments, Saiviati commenced as follows.

Aristoteleans: literally "those who walk around. Toggle navigation World Digital Library.

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Listen to this page. View Item. Description This manuscript of contains an incomplete, autographical editing of Dialogo sopra i massimi sistemi del mondo Dialogue concerning the two chief world systems by the Italian scientist and mathematician Galileo Galilei — The text of this version, at the National Central Library in Florence, is very close to the definitive manuscript prepared for print the complete autographical version of the text is in the Seminary Library in Padua.

Published in , the Dialogo had occupied Galileo for six years and is one of his most important works. It takes the form of a discussion among a spokesman for Copernicus, a spokesman for Ptolemy and Aristotle, and an educated layman who the two spokesmen attempt to win over.

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The church had issued an edict in , which prohibited Galileo from teaching the Copernican view of the solar system. Galileo traveled to Rome in to meet with Pope Urban VIII, who refused to lift the edict but gave Galileo permission to discuss the Copernican system in a book, provided he gave equal and impartial treatment to the geocentric view associated with Ptolemy and Aristotle. Author Galilei, Galileo,