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Season 7 Episode All Episodes Director: John Murray. Writers: Joan Ackermann , Robert Wuhl created by. Added to Watchlist. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Episode credited cast: Robert Wuhl Arliss Michaels Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Wings Hauser Garnite Giles Michael Monks Funeral Director Dennis Neal Carter Barry Primus Benny John Rhys-Davies Davey Owen Jones Curt Schilling Curt Schilling Rusty Schwimmer Certificate: TV-MA. Edit Details Language: English.

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Runtime: 30 min. It didn't. If you have a rape trigger I would stay away from this book as it comes dangerously and uncomfortably close. The writing is fine but the storyline is horrible, and the "relationship" building is even worse. This strong female character is constantly being overwhelmed and subdued by this man both physically and mentally and then she goes and apologizes for fight Did I read that same book as everyone else?

This strong female character is constantly being overwhelmed and subdued by this man both physically and mentally and then she goes and apologizes for fighting against him. He gets abnormally angry and physical with her until the point she becomes a crying mess. I can't tell you how often I cringed reading about how hard he hard to control himself from forcing himself on her.

After which she she gets injured yada yada and becomes the helpless female and he once again gets upset with her and she's apologizing. Dec 16, thadine rated it did not like it. Awful, simply awful.

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The hero is one of the worst I have ever seen, and the heroine was simply moronic. This doesn't even deserve one star. I wish I could burn the memory of this book from my brain.

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She'd been painted as a gold digger and her husband as an old fool, and so they quietly retreated from the public eye where their love could not be tainted. It was a platonic love, and when her husband died a few years later, Jessica was still a virgin. It's now two years since her husband has died, and Jessica wished the Black Widow nickname from the press would die too, but they loved speculating on who her lovers might be and printed about ones that claimed to have been.


Nikolas is an uber billionaire, Greek tycoon, and his current challenge and thorn is Jessica. Her husband had left her shares in one of his companies, a large enough chunk to cause him grief when she continually votes against him on the board. Her latest veto brings him to London swiftly, demanding to see her. They've never met, and he's amazed at her youth, thinking that the notorious Black Widow would be a more sophisticated woman. But he can't deny her appeal and immediately when Jessica refuses to cow tow to his business demands, he can't deny he finds this a huge turn on, and he decides that she'll be his latest personal conquest.

Only Jessica is still very much a virgin, in fact, Nikolas' virility frightens her and she finds he easily overwhelms her. The more she refuses to sleep with him, the more Nikolas wants her. He sees that she has a very real fear of intimacy and assumes that a past lover had mistreated her. Jessica lets him believe this when she realizes he'll never believe that she truly is innocent. This whirlwind, is Linda Howard's debut. This is also the 22nd book in the Silhouette Special Edition line from Silhouette Books, the new publisher at the time to compete with Harlequin. Silhouette was looking for young and progressive authors for all their new lines and this one may have been slated for Silhouette Desire but was too long.

The emotional intensity in this story likens it to stories written by Harlequin Presents authors Lynne Graham and Anne Hampson.

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Certainly the over the top alpha hero is one that could easily be found in an early Lynne Graham. As was the norm in many of the romances written in the 80's and before, we are not privy to Nikolas' point of view. Though Ms. Howard does give us clues to some of his feelings, we see him mostly through Jessica's eyes. He's a dynamic personality that expects others to go along with his demands and when he meets resistance he arrogantly welds his power to get his way.

"All that glitters is not gold." translation into Korean

He doesn't hide his intense desire for Jessica, and he uses every weapon he possesses to get her in his bed. When his sex appeal doesn't work, he uses financial gain as an allure. Jessica, of course, refuses to be treated as a whore and fights off every advance. At times, Nikolas is quite brutal in how he treats her, something some readers may find hard to read. Jessica at first seems to be a strong heroine, and though very young, she's not afraid to stand up to Nikolas when they spar with words. But as she falls in love with him, she's less able to fight him and her fear of him on a physical level is quite real.

Contrary to all the hurtful press, Jessica values her virginity and refuses to just give it away in a meaningless affair.

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  • I read this in one sitting, totally enthralled. For those who love angsty Harlequin Presents and uber alpha heroes, vintage style; this is a read for you. Dec 08, Judy Goodnight rated it did not like it Shelves: romance.

    A search for Linda Howard's booklist revealed many of her earliest works that I hadn't read. So, a challenge for me - to find and read all those early works. Let me go on record now saying that this author has improved mightily from her first books! Now I am aware of how those first "hot" romances from the 80's are way out of line with early 21st century sensibilities. But, when I'm re-reading books from that time by my favorite authors, I'm able to cut them some slack and enjoy the revisit.

    Picking up and reading one for the very first time? Somehow I couldn't do it. This book by LH must have been her very first. If I hadn't challenged myself to read her backlog and hadn't been amused by how bad this was, I wouldn't have bothered finishing. What was it with wealthy Greeks in the 80's? Now, at 23, she has his money and our Greek hero who wants to bed her but not marry her. Our heroine is continually running away or trying to run away. If you'd been playing a drinking game based on each time she cried, you'd be blotto by the end of the book.

    Oct 02, Kari rated it did not like it Shelves: dnf. Being a huge fan of Linda Howard, especially of her earlier romances, I so wanted to like this book. I was saddened by the choice I made to turn off the audio and write it up as a DNF book. The story was just horrendous. I know that this book was written in the 80's, but I can't imagine that the behavior of the hero in this book was considered romantic even back then.

    From the minute Nikolas meets Jessica, he is rude and acts outrageously disgusting toward her. He wants her to sell him her shares Being a huge fan of Linda Howard, especially of her earlier romances, I so wanted to like this book. He wants her to sell him her shares in his company so that he can gain control over a business deal. Even after she agrees to sell, he still won't leave her alone. When I got to the part where he almost rapes her in her own living room, I had to stop the book. I couldn't read a book where that behavior would ultimately be justified by the heroine and she would fall in love with him.

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    How many times did she have to say no? When you are ripping her clothes off and she is fighting you, that may be a clue. How could Jessica fall for a guy like him? Do yourself a favor, skip this one. You won't be missing anything. Nov 03, Nishtha rated it liked it Shelves: love , i-love-the-author , 3-stars , linda-howard.

    Confused Two. Five stars. This story is not something I would have read if I had read the other reviews before but as I love the other novels by Mrs. Howard, I had to read and complete this one. The hero is what I define a 'abusive domineering almost rapist'. I hated him, loathed the words he spoke, despised the ground he walked on but I couldn't stop reading the book because there was also this part of him which you might not hate, the fierce protective instinct towards the heroine part.

    The her Confused Two.