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Introverted Izzy has just started Year 8 and is wildly excited when her favourite teacher announces auditions for a Christmas production of Guys and Dolls. This is at once an important support tool for children in similar situations, and a barrier-breaking, empathy-inducing story for all.

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Swept into the bright hustle and bustle of New York, Lily, Robert and Malkin discover shadowy secrets lie beneath its surface. For there are chilling goings-on in their hotel A strange boy held captive, haunted by an undersea mystery; and a revengeful villain with a treacherous plan. Searching for clues, Robert and Lily are plunged into deep water But can they reveal the deadly truth before the secrets submerge them? Join Lily, Robert and Malkin on a fantastic voyage of terror and triumph, in the fourth and final Cogheart Adventure The twelve poems in this book, one for each month, will inspire a year of nature watching and who knows, quite likely some poetry writing too.

Many of the poems in fact reflect his own personal experiences and responses to nature, April showers, trips to the beach, walks through winter leaves, giving the poems a particular intensity and emotional impact. A superb collection and a lovely book to give. Author: J. Accessible, informative and positive, this is a great book for anyone who cares about the future of our planet and highly recommended. Fly into a fiery and fantastical future with No. Illustrated by the artistic genius Tony Ross! The young Prince Alfred has never known a life outside Buckingham Palace - but when strange goings-on breach its walls and stalk the corridors in the dead of night, he is thrust into a world of mystery, adventure and monsters.

And when his mother, the Queen, is dragged away to the Tower of London, Alfred must screw up his courage and battle to save her, himself In a future of myths and legends, join the bestselling David Walliams and venture forth into his most enthralling tale yet! A high-stakes quest. A magical kingdom. A boy in possession of a coveted power. Ankido is a twelve-year-old British-Iraqi boy with a passion for words. The title read, The Land of Mesopo.

Ankido wondered why it was so special but thought it best not to ask. And she knows that you can make your own words. Having previously tackled meaty topics like Humanism, What is Right and Wrong and a similarly must-have purchase on Refugees and Migrants, this latest title could not be more perfectly timed for elucidating the forthcoming election campaign. Once again, the topic is broken down layer by layer.

It looks at the whole spectrum of political views at international examples and examines what politics means in different contexts and situations, with each stage offering additional things to think about and consider and inviting the reader to reflect on their own experiences and feelings. The content reflects the view that politics is about the use of power in all situations: in personal relationships, in business and the media and by the state. There is a particularly good section on how language can be used and misused and another on why politics causes such division and disagreement.

The ground rules in the latter section should be studied by all prospective MPs! With the excellent index and glossary and further information sources this invaluable resource clearly articulates why everyone should care about politics. Highly recommended. What a majestic conjuration of Middle Grade magic this is — think Alice in Wonderland in a dazzling theatrical setting. The year is and Celeste is a lowly orphan who runs errands in a Royal Opera House.

She wakes one day haunted by a dream in which an enigmatic emerald suited-man spoke ominously of her involvement in a game called the Reckoning. Oh, how the world has tumbled. And so an intricate, suspenseful tale of identity plays out as Celeste struggles to untangle the truth, with dreadfully high stakes.

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Winner of the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal Award-winning Neil Gaiman shows all his story telling skills in this gripping fusion of familiar fairy tales told in a dark-hearted version with some original characters. Especially a bold-hearted queen. Not far from where the queen lives, a princess is under the spell of an enchantress who has put a whole country to sleep. Despite it being the eve of her wedding day, the bold queen decides to take action. From celebrated author and illustrator Ashley Bryan comes a deeply moving picture book memoir about serving in the segregated army during World War II, and how love and the pursuit of art sustained him.

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Individual choices of genre become more significant as readers become more discriminating. Readers develop their critical faculties as they weave their way towards the kind of readers they are growing into. Check out the latest activities in our KidsZone.

Becoming a member of the LoveReading4Kids community is free. Find out more. Meerkat Christmas Emily Gravett. Flamingo Boy Michael Morpurgo.

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Instead of focusing outward at the society that harms us, Kai Cheng Thom excavates the ways trans and queer folks reenact our traumas on each other and confronts the troublesome questions needed to forge a better path. How do we learn from the past when our foremothers have disappeared? What do we do when the revolution hasn't happened yet but babies do?

How do we liberate our liberation from the cold heart of neoliberalism? What does it mean to Chris Ware has a way of depicting the somber lives most of us live with an aching beauty. Like Building Stories , Rusty Brown is a realistic slice of life, with characters and stories that look like our everyday, day in and day out. Ever the master of the subtle expression, Ware's story is an illuminated map of human emotion, and how he manages to do that with cartoons is anyone's guess, but do it, he does. Written by four food authors and bloggers, this has a broad scope that is sometimes missing from single author Instant Pot books.

This may well prove to be the bible of pressure cooker books. In this luminous and wise book, botanist Robin Wall Kimmerer Potawatomi Nation makes a lyrical and convincing case for reimagining our relationship to nature as mutually beneficial. Simon and Emily's relationship is sweet and sexy, the side characters are well developed, and all of the history and Shakespeare jokes made my little English major heart sing. It's also the start of a series of standalone romances set in this town, and I can't wait to read them all! Recommended by Joanna S.

With wit, emotion, and a whole lot of sexiness, Rebekah Weatherspoon's Rafe: A Buff Male Nanny immediately joins the ranks of my go-to reads and recommendations. Because honestly? Reading this book is self-care. A beautiful, yet painful, read, The Dollmaker tells the story of two unique people trying to find their ways to each other. Set on Cornwall's moors, this moody, compelling story is interwoven with several short stories, each of which packs a powerful punch on their own.

Untangling themes of art, longing, misfits, taking chances, and healing from childhood trauma, Nina Allan writes a tale that both tugs at your heart and satisfies your Sarah Rose Etter cuts right to the heart and gut of complex emotions.

Each narrative turn left me devastated, and the catharsis of the final pages left me floating for days after. This remarkable debut makes Etter an author to look out for.

Plus, if you're into book design, Two Dollar Radio's books are among my favorites. Recommended by Kyan F. Simply put: this is the book I've been waiting for my whole life.

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Asiya chooses a beautiful ocean blue hijab to wear for the first day at school and her sister, Faizah, is so excited for her! Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first Muslim American woman to earn a medal in the Olympic Games, brings this wonderful story to life.

Recommended by Kim T. Local illustrator Lena Podesta teams up with Melissa Marr in this sweet story about a young girl and a baby dragon. The dragon swoops and soars through the kingdom, and the girl does her best to keep up. After a day of flying through castles and across rivers, they both settle down for a giant feast with the rest of the kingdom. Perfect for young children with a sense of adventure!

Jenny Odell has achieved a spectacular balancing act, resulting in a timely and beautiful book. Little Blue and his friends take shelter from the storm, in the barn where it's nice and warm. When the storm has finally passed, it's time to go to bed at last. Both of my kids had so much fun saying good night to everyone.